A new Panglao – Bohol App & digital discount card launches. The Android App show the best places in Bohol with distance display in real time.  And this offline, no internet needed, only GPS. Furthermore, the app offers discounts and specials of many valued partners.

New Amazing Panglao & Bohol App launched

The official name of this Android app is My Panglao & Bohol. Available from October 10, 2016 in Google Play Store. The app features 11 categories with more than 185 spots in Panglao and Bohol.  All information in the app is taken from the year 2016. Here are some screenshots of the App.

Panglao Bohol App Screenshots

Screenshots of Bohol App

My Panglao & Bohol – The new Android App

The Bohol App starts first in English language. This is followed by Chinese and Korean. The development time was about 6 months. Whether there is an IOS version is not yet certain. The developers promise regular updates, so that the info and discounts up to date.

Bohol App Logo

The logo of My Panglao & Bohol



Bohol Panglao App Screenshots

Panglao App Phone Screen


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