High Quality Panglao Apartment House for sale or rent. Prime location in Panglao, Bohol – Philippines. Panorama view over the ocean and Tagbilaran City. Fully furnished, including flat screen TV, Aircon, and telephone connection.

This Apartment is unfortunately already sold!

  • Purchase price: 63.000 Euro including carpark
  • Rental rates per month: 21.000 Peso

Panglao Apartment House in Bohol Philippines

Panglao Apartment Living Room and Terrace

Living Room and Terrace

Purchase price only 63000 Euro – including car park. The rental price is 21.000 peso per month. Constructed with only quality materials. High gloss granite style tiles, noble solid marble, solid wood parquet flooring, mahogany solid wood in kitchen and bedroom. The Apartment has a fantastic view from the terrace over Tagbilaran and the Ocean

Panorama View from Pangalo Apartment

Panorama view from the terrace

The large swimming pool with island in front of the Panglao Apartment

Pool Area Panglao Apartment

Swimming Pool Area

Apartment in Panglao, Bohol – Philippines

The apartment has about 60 square meters, with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, utility room and terrace. Fully equipped.  As long as the apartment is not sold, you can rent it for only 21000 Peso per month. Price excluding water and electricity.

Optional: Rental price including good as new Scooter 33000 peso per month. More Info: Bohol Scooter Rentals

Bohol Apartment Location

Apartment Location Map

This Apartment is already sold!



    • Bohol Guide on

      we are sorry but this apartment is already rented until april 2018.
      It is however ready for sale.

      best regards

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