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Bohol Guide was created in January 2012 and re-designed in October 2015. BoholGuide is an info page about the two beautiful and exotic islands of Bohol & Panglao in the Philippines. Infos for locals, tourists, and immigrants. And of course for business people, as for free online advertising.

Bohol Guide is your service and info blog about the Philippine Islands Panglao and Bohol. You will find the best tourist attractions, tours and the most beautiful places on the islands. Also a detailed ⇒ beach guide of the island of Panglao.

A very good sorted hotel overview with direct price comparison.

Furthermore, ⇒ real estate – houses, apartments and land for sale or rent.

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Update 2020:
We note that more and more websites are using images from bohol-guide.com for their own purposes. This without request and permission. Friendly contacts to these websites often go unanswered, or we even get malicious answers.

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Beach House Panglao Bohol Philippines Sale

Panglao, Philippines – House & Lot near Beach for sale

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If your business is not listed in BoholGuide, please feel free to contact us. (We reserve the right not to accept any business) In the future, Bohol-Guide will present further interesting and up-to-date news. Check back to this page often…

Condominium For Sale In Bohol

High-quality apartment for sale in Panglao, Bohol

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Bohol House Panglao Beach Rent

Bungalow House near Panglao beach for rent