Chiisai Natsu Resort in Bolod


Chiisai Natsu Resort Little Summer Resort, owned by a Japanese entrepreneur. The Resort provides guests 18 rooms in 4 types. The occupancy is possible up to a maximum of 12 guests in the Residential Suite. Some Resort rooms have a kitchen and are therefore also suitable for a longer stay.

Chiisai Natsu Resort on Panglao Island.

Chiisai Natsu Resort in Panglao - Bohol

Chiisai Natsu Hotel – Panglao Island

Directly on the resort entrance is the Binalot Restaurant Panglao. The Restaurant offering authentic Filipino dishes. Offered is also motorcycle rental and Bohol tours. The most beautiful beaches on Panglao are easily reached.

Chiisai Natsu Hotel Rates

Chiisai Natsu Resort Location Map

Location Map – Chiisai Natsu Hotel


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