A tropical oasis awaits at Sherwood Bay Resort in Panglao. The Panglao oceanfront resort presents a vacation that is altogether exciting and enjoyable for everyone. A cliff location resort with white-sand coves, meanwhile, provides a private sanctuary for leisure-driven guests.

Sherwood Bay Resort in Panglao – Philippines.

Sherwood Bay Resort Restaurant

Restaurant in Sherwood Bay Hotel

Our restaurant stands high on a cliff overlooking the sea. Commanding an impressive and memorable view. Watch the colors change hour by hour as the sun moves around to the Western sky and gives us a perfect view of the famous Panglao sunset.

Try the night time view with an array of starry lights from the night fishing boats. We provide a variety of menus with fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit of the day & season. Kiddy and Vegetarian menus available, too. Lots of drinks, soft or fruity. Wines, beers, and cocktails.

Sherwood Bay also offers professional pad diving courses.

Sherwood Bay Resort

Sherwood Bay Resort - Location Map

Location Map- Sherwood Bay Resort



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