Bohol Scooter Rentals offers good as new, fully automatic Scooters and Motorcycles for rent. The Motorcycles are regularly cleaned, maintained and in excellent condition. The daily rental rates are between 350 and 850 pesos, depending on the Motorbike and rental period.

Bohol Scooter Rental Rates Prices

All scooter – motorcycle models with prices

Located next Bohol Sunside Resort in Tawala, Panglao – Bohol Island in the Philippines. Delivery Services to all hotels in Panglao. From 3 Days rental period free drop off and pick up.

Tagbilaran Panglao Bohol Motorcycle

Rent a Scooter in Bohol

Bohol Scooter Rentals in Panglao – Philippines

Yamaha Mio Aerox. Our largest and most powerful scooter, with 155cc and 15hp. Wide bench seat with 25 liters storage space. LED light system and ELECTRIC SOCKET – charge your digital devices even you drive. A motorcycle license is required.

Yamaha Aerox Rental Bohol

Rent Yamaha Aerox in Bohol


Yamaha Mio Soul i 125cc Scooter in white and black. Fully Automatic with fuel injection engine. LED Headlight. Large comfortable seat. Only 550 Peso per day. Long term renters enjoy discounts.


Honda Beat FI 110cc Scooters in white & red. Fully Automatic with fuel injection engine. Soft suspension, very smoothly. Now available for rent. Only 500 Peso per day. From 7 days rental period only 450 pesos a day.

Rent Scooter in Bohol

Bohol Scooter Honda Beat Fi 110cc for rent

Honda Beat Panglao Bohol Rental

Honda Beat Rental in Panglao – Bohol

Yamaha Mio i 125cc fully automatic scooter with fuel injection engine. Running smoothness with a powerful drive. Big seat bench. Only 550 Peso per day.

Bohol Scooter Panglao

Yamaha Mio i 125cc Scooter on Panglao Island

An automatic scooter has several advantages over a conventional motorcycle:

  • In case of rain provides a scooter more protection against moisture
  • When wet roads your feet and knees remain clean and dry
  • Very easy to ride, as no clutch and no circuit, only throttle and brake
  • Relaxed driving = safe driving = increased fun factor
  • Extremely agile and maneuverable

Additional rental service:

From 5 days rental period, we offer free Scooter delivery and pickup service to all hotels in Panglao. To Tagbilaran City + 500 Php. From 11 days rental period, we pick you up from the airport or seaport (up to 4 Persons) and take you by car to your hotel in Panglao and Tagbilaran. (Requirement 50% down payment) Your scooter we deliver followed to your hotel.

Scooter Panglao Bohol Rentals

Yamaha Mio i 125cc Scooter in Panglao – Bohol

NOTE: To rent one of our scooter – motorbike you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Rent a scooter in Bohol at an affordable introductory price.

Panglao Motorcycle Scooter Rentals

Yamaha Mio i 125cc & Honda Beat Fi 110cc

Bohol Scooter & Motorcycle Rental
Daily Rates (24 Hours):

Yamaha Mio i 125cc
– 1 to 7 Days: PHP 550
– 8 to 14 Days: PHP 500
– 15 + Days: PHP 450
Honda Beat Fi 110cc
– 1 to 7 Days: PHP 500
– 8 to 14 Days: PHP 450
– 15 + Days: PHP 400
Yamaha Mio Soul i 125cc
– 1 to 7 Days: PHP 550
– 8 to 14 Days: PHP 500
– 15 + Days: PHP 450
Honda CB150R Streetfire
– 2 to 7 Days: PHP 850
– 8 to 14 Days: PHP 800
– 15 + Days: PHP 750
Honda CB150R Streetfire with 6 speed manual. Powerful, quiet, perfect straight run and good seat. All LED Lighting System and Futuristic Full Digital Meter Panel. For rent only for experienced bikers!

Honda Streetfire Bohol Rental

Honda CB150R Streetfire in Bohol for rent

NOTE: Rates are per day. We do not rent out an hourly basis. Bohol Scooter Rentals charge a small security deposit. Depending on the rental period 500 to 3000 Peso. The security deposit will be refunded upon the return of the undamaged motorcycle.

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Rent a Scooter / Motorbike in Bohol – Contact Us:

Mobile Number: +63 918 339 7788  (Whatsapp)
Mobile Number: +63 977 316 4123

You get a copy of this message to your email.

If your scooter/motorcycle is available, we will send an invoice to your email. After a 50% down payment the reservation is binding. (PayPal, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuillier or bank transfer)



  1. I’m a korean also lookin forward to rent Aerox155 while a week in Bohol.
    On the way of searching, finally found here also here kindly 2 guys helped me to rent it as cheaper cost even free brought the bike to me.
    (Actually not close between us)

    Herewith I sincerely want to say appreciate all of them.
    Coz of this Aerox155, i could have been happier
    I was most faster ‘n felt excited with the power.

    Many local guys has concerned ‘n asked me how much did i pay for it at everyplace also I got envy from them.
    Even though I met my beautiful GF in Bohol also became a couple coz here 2guys arranged 2ndry helmets to wish for meeting someone.

    To rent Aerox155 shops are many nevertheless I’d like to strongly recommend to this rental shop coz they are especially reliable ‘n having a good condition bikes.

    Finally I want to say once again as thanks for everythings.

  2. Bohol Guide on

    It depends on where in Bohol.
    Yes, the German driving license is sufficient. (We also speak German. Please contact via the contact form)
    best regards

  3. hi.. we are from germany and this end of month we are in bohol..can i rent motor even we are not staying in hotel?we stay to my wife parents..and can i used my german licence?

  4. Hello Mylene,

    there is, according to my knowledge, on Bohol no fully comprehensive insurance for scooter.
    Right on the Alona beach is hardly a parking possibility for scooter. It depends on which hotel you are.

    I have not heard of any case that a scooter was stolen here on Panglao. To be 100% sure we recommend the take out appropriate insurance in Germany.

    For further questions please use our contact form. Also in German language.

    Best regards

  5. Hello,my husband has a driving license from Germany. We plan to rent a scooter next year as we visit Bohol. Is there available parking space with guard along Alona Beach that we can park it while we are on swimming? Is there insurance in case of loss? Thanks!

  6. Hello,
    free drop off and pick up refers only to the scooter. These services for customers is described elsewhere on this page.
    We are sorry, we only rent to persons staying in a hotel.
    Yes, your driving license is valid here in the Philippines.

    best regards

  7. Hi sir/madam,
    We are interested in renting your scooter, but here’s 1 thing we hope you can answer for us. You said on the website that free pick-up and drop-off from 3 day rental period, does that mean if I rent 3~4 days, then you can drive us to pick the scooter up on the first day and drive us back to our accommodation after we return the scooter? And on top of that, we won’t be staying at a hotel but more like a friend’s house, is that ok to pick up and drop off?
    Is Taiwan driver’s license allowed to rent a scooter in Philippines?

  8. Bohol Guide on

    your UK driving license is 90 days valid here in the Philippines.
    And yes, with your car driving license you can also drive scooter.
    best regards

  9. Jessica To on

    Hi, I have a UK driving license for cars, would we still be able to hire a scooter?

  10. Hello Hiro,
    yes of course. Your driving license is valid here for at least one month.

    best regards
    Rotchell Pios

  11. Hello,

    I’m visiting Bohol island next January.
    Would you lend a motorcycle to foreign tourist who has a valid New Zealand driver’s licence?



  12. Hello,

    Bohol Scooter Rentals have Scooters for rent near Panglao Regents Park. It would be no problem to deliver in Regents Park.
    For a reservation please use the contact form.
    Best regards

  13. Hello, We will be visiting Bohol this August and we will be staying in Panglao Regent Resort. Is that near in your place?

  14. Bohol Guide on

    0f course you can rent a scooter for one day. Please look in the article, there you see all rates.

    Best reagrds
    Rotchell Pios

  15. arrjeeli sayson on

    Hi! Is it okay if I will rent the motorcycle just for a day? And how much will it cost? Thanks

  16. Hello Roberto
    Yes, we have the scooter that you see here in the description. If you would like to rent, please let us know at what rental period.
    The easiest via text message or phone call

    Best regards
    Rotchell Pios

  17. Hello actually we are now Panglao, we are searching second hand Motor scooter. You have any can we. ….