Mang Inasal in Tagbilaran


Mang Inasal Restaurants is a Philippine barbecue fast food chain with over 460 stores nationwide. Mang Inasal’s authentic fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine with the dine-in concept. The offer includes typical local grilled specialties like grilled chicken or pork.

Mang Inasal Restaurant in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Mang Inasal in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Mang-Inasal Restaurant in Bohol

Mang-Inasal quickly won the hearts of customers with its distinctively Pinoy stamp grilling and special marinade made out of local secret spices. As well as fish, Bangus Inihaw and Bangus Sisig. Or Pansit on the menu.

As for dessert the famous Pinoy Halo-Halo or Creamy Sarap and much more.

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