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Bohol Scuba Diving Panglao, Alona Beach Philippines

Scuba Diving in Panglao

Bohol scuba diving sites

Panglao Island also offers great diving opportunities for everyone. The top three most notable diving sites are Arco Point, Balicasag, and Bohol Divers Wreck. But if you have more time, you can either snorkel or dive also in BBC, Black Forest, Cathedral, Divers Heaven, Doljo Point & Sanctuary. Kalipayan Wall & Wreck. Momo, Napaling, Pamilacan, Puntod Wall, Ray Point, Snake Island, Spanish Tower, Soft Coral Garden, and Tawala Sanctuary.

Arco Point Dive Spot

The Arco Point is famous for its varied species of sea snake lurking in coral gardens, an abundant variety of fishes and numerous tunnels toward the small cave. If you want to stay in a resort near the famous Arco Point diving site, then you can go to Bagobo Beach in Barangay Libaong. The wall dive in this beach will take you to different holes serving as your entrance to stunning caves under the sea. You can dive as deep as 25 meters to discover more holes in the wall. Divers and snorkelers refer to this site as Hole in the Wall.

Balicasag & Bohol Divers Wreck

On the other hand, Balicasag, dubbed as one of the best diving sites in Asia, offers an awesome view of colorful coral gardens within its 5 major dive walls, up to 40 meters plus deep. If you are up for some wreckage search under the sea, the Bohol Divers Wreck is perfect. It has this mysterious big diving boat that sunk in 2012.

After the dive, you can take a rest in one of the world-class resorts. Enjoy some delectable local ⇒ Boholano cuisines or take a short walk, and feel the fine white sand beneath your feet and between your toes.

Although Panglao Island has so much more in store for you. Being able to visit one or more of its stunning beaches and diving sites is already a big achievement. – A big tick off your Bohol travel bucket list.