New Insect Mosquito Repellent in Panglao, Bohol. Bye Lamok, Fight the bite! Many tourists in Bohol complain about mosquitoes they are exposed to during their time here. Often also driven by the fear of drowning Dengue Fever. In this case, chemical lobes are used which can lead to under tolerances of the skin and should be better avoided.

Panglao Mosquito Repellent Bohol

Panglao Bohol Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent Bohol. Bye Lamok – Fight the bite

Recently, a new innovative mosquito repellent – insect killer is available here in Bohol. It is complete dispenses with chemical ingredients and handmade in Panglao, Bohol. In doing so, great emphasis is placed on hygiene during production. Each individual bottle is bottled by hand, etched and ready for delivery.

The users of Bye Lamok – Fight the bite are enthusiastic about the effect and the fresh smell. The bacteria-free drinking water-based mosquito repellent. Freshly pressed Kalamansi effect this, the locally planted lemon fruit. Even for kids easy to handle. It’s not burning in the eyes or in existing wounds.

Bye Lamok Panglao Bohol Philippines

Bye Lamok in Bohol Philippines

Insect – Mosquito Repellent Panglao. Bye Lamok – Fight the bite

Available in the handy 100ml spray bottle, as well as in the 200ml large refill bottle. 100% chemical free. It is priced 150 or 250 PHP among the comparison products. A free delivery service in Panglao and Tagbilaran is offered.

Coco Jumbo Virgin Coconut Oil Bohol

Virgin Coconut Oil Bohol

Coco Jumbo Virgin Coconut Oil Bohol

Another new product is our COCO JUMBO VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. Do you know how amazing effects coconut oil has? Use it for hair, teeth, body and also for the skin. 100% chemical free. Available in a 200ml bottle for only 200 PHP.

Mosquito Repellent Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil & Mosquito Repellent in Bohol

The new mosquito repellent and virgin coconut oil without any chemicals.

Pictures were taken (c) by Team Bohol Guide
Virgin Coconut Oil picture content by Coco Jumbo
Mosquito Repellent picture content by Bye Lamok

Locally manufactured in Panglao, Bohol – Philippines.

  • Bye Lamok – Fight The Bite 100ml – 150PHP
  • Bye Lamok – Fight The Bite 200ml – 250PHP
  • Coco Jumbo Virgin Coconut Oil  200ml – 200PHP
Order now and ask for free delivery service.

Mobile: 0918 3566 148 or by e-mail via the contact form

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Pictures with the kind support of Cliffside Resort Panglao. Many thanks.


About: Currently the sales structure is being built. In some resorts and shops are already available. Our business concept provides for the availability of Bye Lamok – Fight the bite to be ensured everywhere. Therefore, we involve the local people in the success of the business.

This is not a multilevel marketing company. Our business partner buys a small margin and then gets sales and marketing support. A successful establishment for a lucrative income. A great opportunity for locals to build up their own business with existing customers.

Our editorial team convinced both the product itself and the concept. We would like to contribute to the success of the project by publishing this article.


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