Land for sale in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. For sale are 2 plots of land on the island of Panglao. A small lot of 200 square meters and a larger land with 1,000 square meters. Both are immediately available and buildable. Contact form for seriously interested parties below.

Land for sale in Panglao – Bohol

1. 1,000 sq.m. Lot for sale

Property Sale Bohol Philippines

1,000 sq.m. Lot for sale

In a quiet location right at a paved Barangay Road from Libaong on Panglao Island. Electricity and water supply are right next to the property. 1000 square meters are large enough to build several buildings, including a swimming pool, garden, parking, etc..

Lot for sale Panglao Philippines

Lot for sale in Panglao – 1,000 sq.m.

Access to the property is possible from several sides. This large plot of land has a nearly square cut. The property is rounded off 30 x 28 m. See exact dimensions in the plan.

Panglao Land Sketch Plan

Sketch Plan of Panglao Lot for sale

Location – 1,000 sq.m. Land for sale in Panglao

  • The new international airport is only a few minute’s drives.
  • The National Road of Panglao is just 500 meters away.
  • The largest and most beautiful beach on Panglao is only 1500 meters away.
Location Land in Panglao for sale

Location Map of 1,000 sq.m. Lot

Purchase price: PHP 7.5 Million
In cash, price negotiable!

2. 200 sq.m. Land for sale (SOLD)

Lot in Panglao for sale

200 sq.m. Lot for sale

In San Isidro, Dauis, Panglao Island is a small 200 sq.m. lot for sale. The land is flat and thus easy to cultivate. 200 square meters is a little small, but it is enough to build a house of the family. Of course, two-story is also possible, so for example, about 200 square meters of living space can be achieved.

The property is located about 300 m away from a concrete main street. Very quiet location!

National Road Panglao Island

Panglao National Road

Location – 200 sq.m. Lot for sale

  • In the middle of Panglao Island
  • 300 m to the main road
  • Near best ⇒ Panglao Beaches
  • Near Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant
Location Lot in Panglao for sale

Location Map of 200 sq.m. Lot

Price 200 sq.m.: PHP 700,000 (SOLD)

We are happy to arrange a viewing appointment at short notice.
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- 200 sq.m is SOLD

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